I would never give my quilts to a stranger, would you? So let's meet! 

First of all pardon my imperfect English, I am a French quilter and I happily moved with my husband to the United States in 2019.

I quilt on a longarm quilting machine full time since 2012 and I treat all my customer's quilts as if they were mine.

I was one of the very few longarm quilters in France. So I first taught myself, I went for it! Then I took classes in Germany with Claudia Pfeil. I had classes with Lisa Hagstoz Calle and Linda Taylor in the US.

Who am I...

Hand guided custom quilting is my trademark in France and also in Switzerland, but of course I do also pantographs.

And yes, I left my French customers for you my dear American friends! America is the promise land for all quilters! :-)

Along with longarm quilting I am also a die hard hand quilter. I try to start every day with a bit of hand quilting on my beautiful Amish made frame (www.mqlt.de). 

I learned the basic way, trying to hold my hoop in one hand and stitching with the other, pricking my fingers. And then I met Esther Miller. She is an adorable lady, Amish raised in Kansas who lives in Germany now. She developed specific tools to avoid pricked fingers! She passed me her technique along with her Amish legacy and I am very thankful for being one of her friends.

For many years now I share her technique all across Europe.

I am also proud to say that I was published in the Quiltmania magazine and I took part in a French quilting book. I also write articles for Simply Vintage magazine.

I work on a Bernina Q24. Everyday I appreciate the quality, and the precision of the stitches. This machine is such a pleasure to work with!

Feel free to ask me any questions over the phone or by email, you can also follow my Midwestern adventures on Facebook and Instagram!

See you soon!
Alexia Rosfelder

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