Longarm Quilting Services

Prices are by square inch (sq. in).

As an example if your quilt top is 60" x 75", it would be 4500 sq. in.

For a basic edge to edge quilt, the cost would be 4500 sq.in x $0.02 = $90 + set up fee

Estimates are Free

Before I quilt for you I will make an estimation which we will both sign.

Edge to Edge (free hand & Panto)

Starting at $0.02/sq.in 

Custom (border and block designs, SID, background filling)

Starting at $0.05/sq.in

Custom Computer Quilting

Coming soon! :-)

Set Up Fee

$15  small quilts up to 1600 sq.in

$25  quilts 1600 sq.in and up


$0.11 / linear inch

$0.15 / linear inch on pieced borders (triangles...)

Machine stitch to the front on quilt only. Owner provides prepped binding material.


Additional Costs

These services are optional and can be done by you in preparation of your top.

Quilt preparation (Fixing borders and trimming excessive threads, back preparation...)

$25 an hour with a minimum of 1 hour charge 

Minimun Fee



2 colors included. Each additional color is $5.00 (3 threads is $10, 4 threads is $15...)

Bobbin thread included in the price.


I carry battings from Hobbs but you are free to bring your own. 

Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Cotton Blend 120": $11.00/yard

Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Cotton Blend 96": $9.00/yard

Tuscany Supreme 100% Unbleached Cotton 96": $18.00/yard

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Blue Star Quilting

A longarm quilting service by an experienced quilter 


Blue Star Quilting LLC

Alexia Rosfelder

4, Sherwood Ct.

Lake In The Hills, Il 60156

(224) 575 4060 


By Appointment only

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